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The Yesterday Doctor


The Yesterday Doctor

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A Novel

When a her daughter falls toward death’s door, Robin will do anything to save her, even if it means re-living her lovely, perilous life in Atlantis.  She doesn’t know she is stalked through time–by her husband.

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4 Changes Fix Your Eating 
And Your Life


Your Cherished Life . . . Created and Protected by Boundaries

Whether you are seeking simplicity, relief, intimacy, or adventure, your path can be created with boundaries. Boundaries define and streamline the direction you want to go.500px-Zeichen_330.svg

Think about the difference between a mall parking lot and the autobahn or interstate. In a parking lot, an intrusion can come from many directions. You must look all around you and proceed slowly.  In contrast, the autobahn or an expressway restricts access so that you can move quickly toward a goal.

The internet gives us instant communication, information, and resources, but if we aren’t paying attention, it will also take too much of our time, eat our energy, distract us, and interrupt us.  You may not realize just what you are losing, but:

  • If even two people are complaining about the time you spend online
  • If you feel even a little bit empty after a digital day 
  • If your progress toward your goals and dreams is slowing down.
  • If most of your friends are people you haven’t actually met
  • If most of your interaction with friends is digital, rather than face-to-face

It’s time to look at what boundaries you need, not just for the internet, but for all of your digital activity through tablets, phones, texts, social media, and computers.

Setting Limits to Preserve Your Focus, Privacy, Relationships, and Sanity

Boundaries in an Overconnected World

You can start the process here in two ways.  If you already know that your digital life has taken over your real life, order Boundaries in an Overconnected World.   It will show you how to better all aspects of your life:

          • Comfort and safety at home
          • Your authority in your family
          • The distance or closeness you want with friends
          • Progress toward your goals
          • Converting longings into reality
          • Protecting your presence at work
          • Making room for deep human connection

You may already know what you want but see obstacles in your way. Or, you may be so busy that you aren’t sure what you want. Either way, you can start with either Boundaries in an Overconnected World, or right on this website to find the process that will be your expressway to the life you want to lead.


Anne Katherine

Anne Katherine

Hello, I’m Anne Katherine, author of books and creator of processes that can help you find your way.

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