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Anne Katherine is an author, screenwriter, ghost writer and a retired therapist.

Her author website is: http://www.authoranne.org

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To what lengths must a mother go to save her daughter?

Her daughter is at death’s door.  No one knows what happened.  Doctors have no answers.  One child in known history had these same symptoms and she survived. To save her daughter, Dr. Robin Snow will have to go to that place and that time–Atlantis.

When does a sacrifice require too much?

If Atlantis truly existed and if Robin had a life there, if she can re-inhabit that life long enough to learn the remedy, and if she can get back before Atlantis self-destructs, she might be able to save her daughter.

She does not know Evil stalks her through time.  Or why.

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Anne Katherine

Hello, I’m Anne Katherine, author of books and creator of processes that can help you find your way. Retired therapist, author, or screenwriter?  Yes, I am all three.

My author site is now live–http://www.authoranne.org .  Producers can reach me on LinkedIn or IMDB.

If you are here to clarify your own path, get started.

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