4 Changes Fix Your Eating


Here you can find support for making the 4 Changes that will revolutionize your relationship with food.

  • Download charts
  • Listen to Change 3 audios
  • Blog for mutual support as you make each change.
  • Find the Password for the Protected Page.

The instructions for finding the password to access the Change 3 page are at the bottom of this page.

Chart Set

Download the chart set by clicking on the link so that it will open in a separate window.  The upper right corner (usually) gives you a choice between printing or downloading the chart set.  If you download it, you can write on it from within your computer.

Permission:  You may copy or download these charts for your personal use with the Book:  4 Changes Fix Your Eating.

You do not have permission to publish, copy, or forward these charts either electronically or within your own printed material.  To obtain permission for use of these charts with a class or club, please email me at the contact information on this website or in the book.

4 Changes Chart Set Link

Instructions are on Page 70 of the book, 4 Changes Fix Your Eating (paperback)

In Kindle, Instructions are in the Index under Charts.


These audios accompany my book, 4 Changes.
The text is in the chapter on Change 3.  Use the audios if you would prefer to be guided through the steps instead of having to read them.

Do not practice any of these steps while driving or operating machinery.

Use good judgment if you are responsible for the care of someone else.

The first time, practice each Prep Step in order.  You can try one per day or more than one in a row at one sitting.

You will have better results if you prepare with the following actions:

  • Go to a private place.
  • Shut the door.
  • Turn off the ring tone of the phone.
  • Turn off music, TV, and videos.
  • Sit on an upright chair so that you can sit in an aligned, balanced position, feet flat on the floor.

Prep Step 1.

Always use a Prep Step before taking a Make Room Step.

Prep Step 2.

Prep Step 3.

The Comfort Step.

For additional Prep Steps or the Make Room Steps, go here: Change 3


To access the Change 3 Page use a password.  The password is on the first page of Chapter 9.  It is the last word of the 2nd paragraph.  Use no capital letters and no punctuation.

Change 3 Link


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  1. Use the password in the book to access the private page, Change 3, where you will find my daily comments and where you can ask questions or share your experience. The password is on the first page of Chapter 9 of the 4 Changes book. It is the last word of the 2nd paragraph. Use no capital letters and no punctuation.

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