Boundaries in an Overconnected World

Boundaries in an Overconnected World is a must-read — especially for those who have never known a world without Facebook and text messaging!”

—— Christiane Northrup, MD, OB/GYN best-selling New York Times author of The Wisdom of Menopause and Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom
Setting Limits to Preserve Your Focus, Privacy, Relationships, and Sanity

Boundaries in an Overconnected World

We’ve all experienced a pivotal shift in the way the world operates, and it has affected nearly every aspect of our lives.  Although many tasks are now easier–banking, travel arrangements, communication, access to resources–digital devices talk back at you with the agendas of millions of other entities.

 A cloud of distractions is raining on you incessantly.  This invisible impingement has created a new type of clutter, one that never stops bombarding you.

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Within that clutter are dangers.  Not just too many ads, too much stimulation, too much distraction, but people and companies with malice in mind, wanting your secrets, wanting your children, wanting your very identity.

“Anne Katherine is on time with a terrific book.  Katherine reveals to us the entire icebergA must-read for anyone with a mobile device — especially parents!” Mary Bellofatto, MA, LMHC, CEDS, NCC, TEP, trauma and addictions specialist

Protect Your Children

“18% of sexual solicitors came to the child’s home.”

distressed girl

Our children can wander into harm’s way.  They can, innocently, expose the family or neighborhood to predators, or make themselves vulnerable.  They can also be training themselves to be reactive, narrow, violent, closed, or impatient.  They can be losing compassion and helpfulness.  They may be learning that the solution to problems is violence.

There’s a good case for the increase in school shootings being tied directly to computer gaming.

 “Her book is a detailed guide of how-tos for setting and maintaining boundaries.” — Marty Lerner, PhD, CEO of the Milestones Eating Disorders Program

Protect Your Money and your Privacy

Opportunities abound, but so does peril, and even legitimate enterprises may be orchestrating hidden processes that will manipulate you down the line, reveal what you want to keep private, or create yet much more clutter.

  1. Did you know that an innocent encounter in a mall can give your ID to companies you never heard of?  
  2. Have you ever noticed that the ads that appear on your web pages are remarkably close to your interests?  
  3. Do you trust that dating sites do background checks on their subscribers or that private info you entered was protected, when in fact, very private and personal information has been spread around to other companies?

We are not going to get the world to go back.  We’ve come too far.  It’s up to us to protect ourselves and what we value.

Business Lady with a Hammer

“Timely and valuable. On the subject of boundaries, Anne Katherine is the guru!” — Kay Sheppard, MA, LMHC, CEDS, author of Food Addiction: The Body Knows 

Protect Yourself

  1. How many times do you start to ask a question or make a statement and someone interrupts you with an answer or a response–before you say your entire thought?
  2. How often is their response not a fit to the question you were intending to ask?  

That little ball of confusion that ensues is a microcosm of the pseudo-issues spawned by digital stimulation. Focus is one of the casualties of digital intrusions.

A Sampling of Answers

    • How to set a boundary with a friend you like.
    • How to set a boundary with your boss.
    • Subtle boundary violations that hijack your time and energy.
    • Handling intrusive questions online, in email, and in person.
    • How to set a boundary with your forward-happy friends.
    • Choose wisely–digital dating
    • Boundaries that preserve cherished life experiences.

“Finally – a simple, wise, and realistic GPS for our adventures into cyberspace!”–Theresa Wright, MS, RD, LDN

Peace of mind.  You can’t beat it with a stick.

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  2. Anne Katherine – lost your E-mail! – want you to know I hope many of your friends and colleagues read the Splintered Cross – I found it a good, down to earth, basic and helpful read. You’ve done a good job with integrating your training! All the best, Yvonne

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