“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.”–Henry Ford

Obstacles can be inside us–our own thoughts and patterns–or outside of us–people who don’t want us to change, or situations that work against our goals.

What thoughts, feelings, fears, or actions keep you from pursuing your heart’s desire?  What people, demands, customs, or situations stop you?

This page is your chance to share with others the obstacles that are in your way.  By defining them, you might begin to see what boundaries would help you bypass them.

Go to Internal ObstaclesRemoving Obstacles or  Setting Boundaries.

4 thoughts on “Obstacles

    • The obstacle that in my way is that I can’t get all of the food that I am addicted to out of the way. I can remove the cookies and ice cream and other sources of sugar. But I am addicted to fruit, and when I don’t have cookies to binge on, I binge on fruit. But according to the food pyramid and eating program for sugar addicts that I am on I have to have two servings a day. I also have children, and have to have fruit in the house for them. But as long as it is around I binge (and the price of fruit is skyrocketing, and I’m going broke, binging on cookies is cheaper)

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