For Fun

Pre-Change-Your-Eating Research

How much time and energy do you lose struggling against food cravings?Find out with Pocket Research:

  1. Wear something with 2 pockets.
  2. Fill one pocket with coins.  This is your Supply pocket.
  3. For 24 hours, every time you have a thought about eating, not eating, planning secret eating, telling yourself you shouldn’t eat, or give in to a craving, transfer a coin from the Supply pocket to the other pocket.  The other pocket is your Research Pocket.
  4. When you have a regular meal, you need not transfer a coin, but if eat more than a regular meal (eat for more than 45 consecutive minutes), can’t stop eating, binge eat, or compulsively overeat, transfer a coin for each 15 minutes of such eating.
  5. At the end of the 24 hours, count the number of coins in the Research pocket.
  6. This is how much time and energy is stolen from what matters in your life.

The solution?  My new book:  4 Changes Fix Your Eating (and Your Life)


Get Your Life Back Tip

Long lists of junk email getting you down?

Use your precious time for yourself, not other people’s agenda.  Here’s how:

  • In your mail program, set up 3 new mailboxes labeled:
    • My Agenda
    • Other’s Agendas
    • Temporary Event Info
  • Go through your email inbox.  Sort as follows:
    • Put only items that really matter to you in My Agenda.
    • Put items that you might someday be interested in into Other’s Agendas.
    • Put in notices of events, parties, lectures, that you might or will attend.
  • Once all potentially interesting emails have been sorted into their respective boxes, Select All the remaining emails in the Inbox and Delete.

The first time you do this, it takes awhile.  From then on, it takes just minutes on a daily basis.  Once you’ve cleaned your Inbox, you’ll have time to look at your My Agenda mailbox.  These can be further sorted into Work, Family, Friends, Finance, School, Receipts etc. Mailboxes.

Other’s Agendas can be referred to whenever you need to pull up something someone is asking you to do that you are ready to get around to.

Temporary Event Info gives you an easy way to remember what time the concert starts.  It can be cleaned easily.   As events pass into history, you can delete a month’s events in mass.

Inhabit your cherished life.

You can use this poll to discover where a boundary could improve your efficiency and satisfaction.

To find out how to set a boundary to protect your productivity, pre-order:

Setting Limits to Preserve Your Focus, Privacy, Relationships, and Sanity

Boundaries in an Overconnected World

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