Food and Eating Boundaries

“I never realized that my relationship with food was keeping me stuck throughout my life until I faced and handled my food addiction.”

If you can’t sustain eating in the way you know is better for you, you either have imbalanced appetite chemicals or are addicted to certain foods, or both.  Either way, the problem is in your head.

Brain chemicals make us overeat, and for lasting relief, we have to act in a way that changes those chemicals.  If you don’t get your brain on your side, it will win.  Will power is no match against biological imperatives.

Goal:  Change Eating Quickly

You think you want to overeat?

You think you would choose the daily struggle against foods that call to you—or the nagging thoughts about dieting and restricting—or the endless loop of a firm decision in the morning and feeling like a failure by nightfall?

With 4 changes, you could find relief.

With just 4 changes, you could rearrange your whole relationship with yourself and with food. And this struggle has affected your relationship with yourself, hasn’t it? You get down on yourself. You’ve lost some self respect. You think less of you. All because of this food and eating thing, right?

With just 4 changes, this could shift. Dramatically.

Imagine—if this whole issue were magically lifted, how much more peaceful your internal self would be. Imagine putting your attention to what really does matter in your life. What does really matter to you?

Free your time and energy for those pursuits by creating lasting peace with food.  Order Now.

Goal: Get Support from the People who Care about You

Lick It! Fix Her Appetite Switch

Lick It! Fix Her Appetite Switch

Lick It! Fix Her Appetite Switch–An entire book that explains food addiction and a broken appetite switch in simple, humorous terms to keep your loved one entertained long enough to understand the biochemistry of overeating.  Packed with practical suggestions for supporting you in fixing your appetite switch, with a section that lets them blow off steam so that they’ll have more room for you.

Lick It! is the funniest, most helpful book on food addiction I’ve yet seen.”–Christiane Northrup

Goal: Face your Food Addiction head-on:

Understand the addiction to food and follow a recovery process to free yourself from it.

Anatomy of a Food Addiction.

Goal: Lose Weight

How to Make Almost Any Diet Work

How to Make Almost Any Diet Work

Once you know what biochemicals are making you eat, choose a diet that works with you, not against you.  Some diets worsen your cravings, others back up the good changes you’ve already made in Your Appetite Switch.  To discover the difference and choose a diet in alignment with your chemistry, read How to Make Almost Any Diet Work.