Quality of Life

You can probably tell that I care a lot about each person achieving their truest quality of life.  With the many distractions offered by digital media, making a clear decision about how you will limit your own exposure to too much stimulation is important.

Your life matters so much.  You are trying to find your right path, and making room for that exploration is one of the most important things you can do.  You can find guidance in any of my books, but if digital and electronic distractions are interfering, then the book for you is Boundaries in an Overconnected World.  If people or situations are snaring you, then Boundaries, Where You End and I Begin, or Where to Draw the Line will give you tools to take your authority back.

Another serious distraction from pursuing your own best path can be caused by addiction. Addiction to digital or electronic media, addiction to alcohol or drugs, and addiction to food are all ways to avoid–feelings, life and yourself.  They are a way of pulling a metaphorical cover over your head and burrowing down into a simpler place.  But you know there’s a cost, right?  We can lose important aspects of life–possibly friends, a beloved, maybe a child, maybe a promotion, but we can also lose time.

At my age, I can look back over my life and see where certain struggles cost me a lot of time.  Before I got into recovery from my own addictions, I used up too many years of my life searching for the safety and fulfillment that I could only find by pursuing ongoing recovery.

 I hope I can help you save time.  You know already that recovery programs for all sorts of addictions are available, many of them free.  If an addiction is snaring you, challenge yourself to attend 7 meetings in 7 days.  You don’t have to stop doing anything, simply go to those meetings.  Notice what starts happening for you.

You may know that I’m an expert on food addiction.  I’ve written books, studied, researched, and have worked with lots of people to help them free themselves from the powerful trap of food addiction.  I’d guess the relapse rate for food addiction, the sheer number of people who have simply given up, rivals any drug addiction.

So, here, I’m going to approach the problem of food addiction from a different angle–satiety.  Satiety means you have enough of something and don’t want any more.  A food addict simply laughs.  Are you kidding?  Not want more?  I always want more–even when my tummy is bursting.


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2 thoughts on “Quality of Life

  1. In reading your book Your Appetite Switch, it says to go to this website and with a hidden word from the book you can download the forms from the book. I have found no where on the site to do this. My email is dyan_clarke@yahoo.com Please let me know how to get the forms. Thank-you.

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